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Preemie Store has been family owned since opening in Pat Cotter acquired the store in As a mother of two preemies, she developed a love for preemie families and a desire to assist in clothing these little fighters.

I'm with Gail - I need a baby to sew this for! I love the knit you've chosen here - just yummy. Since the envelope is pretty wide it's not getting stretched a ton so I'm not surprised straight stitch is working well. Just don't use it on those sleeve hems, right? I need to try stretch thread! What a fantastic tutorial, Rachel! I've never used stretch thread before and now I'm so so curious!

I am so impressed! The gown looks fantastic notento self: I loved putting my girls in them when they were babies! Wish I had this 6 months ago but I have it now for future babies. Just made it in a darling Aztec print and can't decide whether to keep it for our baby coming in April or to give it away: As a fellow homeschooling, sewing mom of a bunch of kids, I love your blog!

This sleep gown is adorable! I love the pattern and the fabric. Best wishes from Toronto, Jana www. Thanks so much, Jana! You'll have to let me know if you try it. This NB gown pattern is perfect and the tutorial was so easy to follow! I was able to sew this up just in time for our baby due in the next month!

I am totally in love with the fabric and this pattern! I actually almost have all the ingredients for sewing: It seems like a bit awkward to pull the whole thing from the bottom opening over the head. I would be very thankful for any comments from Mom's who have actually used this on their babies. I have not used this because my granddaughter is too small but the overlap shoulders are designed to fold over the shoulder and take off that way!

By that I mean to pull down over the body instead of over the head. This tutorial is awesome! I've never sewn with knits but after giving this a try I'm totally hooked! I made three gowns and the. Didn't quite have enough for a fourth so I made it a shirt!

I used birch fabrics acorn trail and Charley Harper prints. Thanks so much for sharing this!!! Thank you so much for this free tutorial and pattern I know just how much time and effort goes into something like this!!

I'm expecting our second an AMAZING surprise after more than 10 years of waiting and am thrilled to get to sew for wee ones I started sewing when our oldest was about I stitched a 'practice' gown up today in some Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey and it came together beautifully on my serger I only used my sewing machine for edge stitching the binding and stitching the hem.

The arms do seem a little big, but this may be me forgetting the size of babies. I'm trying to think how to adapt to add a hand mitt at the end to avoid those newborn nail scratches.

Thank you again, I can't wait to blog about this and share with my readers! I would love to sew this gown for my first grand child In the US, newborn gowns are a standard part of a newborn layette.

I didn't find them awkward at all - I used them for all four of my biological babies, - and LOVED them which is why I created the pattern. I did read that some moms love them because, if the baby has an explosive poo, you can pull them off over the shoulders and down, instead of up over the baby's head and it makes clean up easier.

I cannot attest to that - but it sounds like it would work. I'm planning on sewing a few of these for my granddaughter her mom is due in March. My daughter wants to use one for the baby's coming home outfit so I am wondering about fit. Her last baby was full term and just shy of 7 lbs. Do you think this would be small enough for a petite little girl?

How sweet of you to make something for your new granddaughter. I made it to be similar in size to the other store-bought newborn gowns that I owned that were on the larger side - for growing room. You can see how it was still quite roomy on my 9. It made middle of the night diaper changes a breeze, so I really appreciate them!

I think my daughter is mostly concern about it staying on the baby's shoulders: I'm going to make her a few and a few more for my niece who is having a boy in Dec. I pre-ordered some sweet fabric from Birch's upcoming line Thanks for the inspiration. I love Birch interlock knits - BUT my only advice would be to wash and dry several times before you sew with them. I sewed two dresses for my girls' in Birch interlocks and they shrunk up so much - even though I had pre-washed and dried like I always do.

They shrunk several inches! The girls actually wear them as shirts now instead of dresses! The shrinkage was truly remarkable. Yes,I know, I've bought them before but thanks for reminding me: How did you go with the pattern? I am also planning on making one for my grand child.. But I am wondering how practical the gown is for putting on and off the little wee one Thank you Rache for the pattern.

I've cut it out but not tried making one yet. What would be used as binding then? Does the stretch needle have a number or does it specifically say "stretch" on the package?

I'm sorry, no, you cannot use flannel. You need to use knit fabric stretchy fabric, like tshirt material so that it will stretch over baby's head. You could use the same knit fabric for the binding or use special fabric called 'ribbing' which is designed for binding necklines. A stretch needle will be labeled 'stretch' or 'ballpoint'. Regular needles are labeled "Universal". If you go to any fabric store they will definitely be able to help you find what you need. Thanks for asking and good luck!

Finally got around to making!! Thanks for the heads up on what material to use. I had a super pattern that was easy to follow. Definitely will be making more of these in near future. Rachel, this gown is adorable! I was hoping to make one without the elastic that you just knot at the bottom.

Have you ever made one like that? I've only seen them on Pinterest and they always show them tied so I'm not sure how they look untied. Hi Rachel, I have since made not only several gowns for my soon to be grand daughter , but also a couple for my niece's baby boy born last month!! My daughter is wondering if I can modify the gown to be able to tie in a knot at the bottom instead of the elastic. Do you have any idea how I'd go about it?

I'm thinking if I made it a few inches linger and then cut the bottom in a inverted curve it might work. All the best, Betsy Maness. Yes, I think that would be an easy enough adaption, for sure.

I would just tapered the bottom and add quite a lot of length. Then hem and tie. If you look on pinterest for 'newborn gown with knot' you will see lots of example of this! Good luck and I am so glad the tutorial has worked out for you!

So you think just taper and leave the hem straight or taper down the sides into kind of a point? I have been "googling" and it looks like you can find them with knots but only as items for sale, no tutorial. It looks to me like it is tapered to almost a point, doesn't it? I would add a lot of extra length to the gown pattern, tie it below where the elastic would normally be. Once you know how long it should be, you can taper the fabric and cut away the excess fabric in length as well.

Does that make sense? I'd love for you to come over and submit this tutorial to DIY Crush! How hard would it be to make the pattern larger. My niece loves them and her baby is 7 months. For some reason the link to the PDF is not working for me.

I'm really sorry you're experiencing that problem, Courtney. It works here, from my phone, and from my husband's office. My husband wondered if maybe it was a browser compatibility issue? He suggested you try opening it in Google Chrome. I hope that works. Thank you for the pattern - it was the first knit project that I made for our little baby and a bunch of friends' babies, too.

It have me the courage to just go out and try it! Unfortunately, the didn't quite work out for us - both my husband and I had trouble actually putting them on the baby and by the time it was on she was usually quite upset: There was just too much fabric that we had to pull over her head and shoulders.

I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you! I know how frustrating it is to put the time and money into a sewing project and have it not work out. I've used this pattern for my own newborn, have given it away, and have had others make it and you are the first to report this as an issue. I have heard that some people pull the gown on from the bottom up.

I actually made this pattern because of the gown's ease of use. My babies would cry over snaps. It just took too long for their liking! Anyway, I am glad you found a solution that works for you! All the best to you! Oooh, I talked to my gift recipients and they loved it!!

Guess I just used a not strechy enough fabric for the ones we kept: Tried it and loved it. Thank you so much. Just finished a blue gown from an XL men's T Shirt. It is just what I wanted, so soft and snugly! Baby boy was born this morning to my across-the-street friend, Laura!

She chose not to know the gender, so I had to wait until she told me to start the gown. Had a pink and a blue ready for this project. Cut the front of the gown pattern out of center front of the T Shirt, the back out of the center back and the sleeves from the bottom sides. Cutting all pieces using the existing hems from the bottom of the T Shirt meant NO gown or sleeve hemming! Cut the neck bindings from the top back of the T Shirt.

Total time from cut to finish: Sleeves of the T Shirt is about all that is left, enough to make mittens and use the sleeve hems for the mitten hems. I also made a dozen burp cloths, bibs, hats and mittens for Laura' baby mostly from T Shirts in gender neutral colors and patterns, using lots of fabric remnants I already had and 1 yard of fabric. The 'from' price must be lower than the 'to' price. Please enter only numerical characters in the price boxes.

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