Top 20 Clothing Brands for Men

Men’s clothing has seen many stylistic changes in the last decade. Of note, both casual menswear and formal menswear have slimmed down in recent years, becoming more tailored and fitted. Meanwhile, colors and patterns run from bold to muted and classic to contemporary.

Added 6 years ago by guest, 14 points. Me and my dad's favourite male clothing brand. Ralph Lauren is a pretty class brand if you have the money to buy it, it might be a bit overpriced but worth it in the end, quality clothing: Their Zigs are the best running shoes i've ever owned.

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Men's Brands. Searching for a favorite brand? Interested in a new-to-you designer? Browse the list below to find just the label you're looking for.
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Men’s clothing has seen many stylistic changes in the last decade. Of note, both casual menswear and formal menswear have slimmed down in recent years, becoming more tailored and fitted. Meanwhile, colors and patterns run from bold to muted and classic to contemporary.
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Nike dont do jeans or any of that stuff - Top sporting BRAND no doubt, but % awful for casual clothing Added 6 years ago by guest, 18 points Nike will always be .

So 12 is still pretty damn good. Why is this soo far down! Should be right up there! Aeropostale is a wanna be! Deserves to be lower. Added 7 years ago by guest, -9 points. The comfort and convenience offered by this clothing brand is amazing. The clothes are tailored well keeping in mind the changing trends of society. Added 3 months ago by guest, -1 points. Added 2 years ago by guest, -1 points. It's a great brand I would rate it tied first with Ralph Lauren. Added 3 years ago by guest, 7 points.

Me and my dad's favourite male clothing brand. I like them for the clothing quality and design. Fair rating for the long list. I like a little hint of red around sometimes. They ar'nt going anywhere. I don't get the hype about the polo gear and am not familar with the racist debate. Polo 2, r u joking make them a spot right under here. Added 5 years ago by guest, -3 points. This is acually a crap brand i never ever ware i used to love cologne but because of the comment he made about some kind of certain race, not family,friends,colleages will but this junk brand,sorry!!!

Added 5 years ago by guest, -6 points. Going Mad with my Hilfiger clothes.. All I will say about this brand is that it once had potential, potential that was never fulfilled. Added 1 year ago by guest, 1 point. LEVIS is an excellent brand I have 5 levis jeans A little expensive brand but it pays u its expense From Anikait Gupta Jammu. Very comfortable jeans that look are also for the most part wonderfully designed. Added 5 years ago by guest, 5 points.

Just cant get de arc on them out of my mind! Levis jeans an ATF, and very good quality. Cant comment on any other Levis products though. Added 8 years ago by mrtankdriver, 1 point.

Added 8 years ago by guest, 3 points. Added 8 years ago by aviraj, 3 points. Added 8 years ago by aviraj, 7 points. Cool brand a bit boring but it's a status thing only. Who knew plaid could be so cool? Added 4 years ago by guest, 1 point.

One of the best brand in the world and just for wealthy people. I like it so much. Added 4 years ago by guest, -3 points. Way more affordable than I expected!

Burberry are not a bad label, from fashion forward Prorsum line to Burberry London line focussed more on conservative clothing and occasionally their signature plaids. Quality is so so, I am not a great fan of their tailored stuff if indeed you can call it tailored. Added 3 years ago by guest, 8 points. Zara dress shirts for men are wash n wear.. I believe it's best and I'm addicted to it. Specially blazers, shirts, overcoats and jeans.

E'thing is so stylish and classy. I wish to visit zara store e'day Added 4 years ago by guest, 7 points. Listen to other people said that its quality is not very good, but I feel it is really very fashion. Best affordable fashion brand out there! First discovered this gem while in Spain and have been hooked ever since! It is very well designed, smart and nice. The products are good in terms of quality, I get almost all my clothes from this brand.

Added 8 years ago by guest, 9 points. In my opinion, Diesel is the best brand for casual wear for men. This brand will get out of fashion It is simple, comfortable, popular, have everything from shoes, socks, shorts, pants jeans , shirts, hats, wallets, bags, and very attractive watches. It all started from a watch I bought now the collection just doesn't stop best part Is its Italian: Love their shoes and their jackets. Cant comment on their other clothes. Dolce and Gabanna are a fashion brand, which invariably means some good pieces, some bad ones.

Not a bad label by any means, some of it is quite well made and interesting, if a little unforgiving in terms of what you get for your money. Added 7 years ago by JohnDixon, -1 points. This should be at 1 with gucci and Tom ford just behind. A X Armani Exchange. I love this brand! Its clothes are stylish and fashionable but not ridiculously gay like some of the other italian brands. They should have more stores like AX.

T shirts are the best and it is high in quality. It's a high end company but affordable. To the person that said this line isn't affiliated with Giorgio Armani, the site itself even says it was created by Giorgio Armani himself for the young, urban, and sexy. The brand is affiliated. Appealing young casual line for high school kids and college.

Not a good quality label at all, and actually not even really affiliated with Giogio Armani. Waste of money, you are paying for a brand that is not even that brand you believe you are paying for get my drift.

Everyone should own their Tees. Puma's by far the best for athletes and normal clothing. It's for the pros ForeverFaster. Puma is d best over other sports brand- reebok,nike, Added 7 years ago by M. Javed Asgher, -2 points. Very good texture, deserves to be slightly higher around area. Hollister is a very nice brand but i do have to admit it is very overwore by teens but it is the best brand you will ever wear everything is super soft and the colonge is amazing.

The Clothes maybe expensive Its a great brand for shirts, socks, underwear,shorts, and pants which is basically everything they sale. I love everything about Hollister. It's just cheap junk I mean wear it if you're a short hispanic guy otherwise buy a good brand like Jack Wills or Brooks Brothers. Outside of the teenage years, you won't see anyone wearing Hollister Added 5 years ago by guest, 13 points.

Simple design but attractive enough. For me Hollister is still on top! In my area, mostly hispanic teens wear holister. First off "Holister" is spelt wrong. Also It's a good brand. Hollister is a good brand for when youre For the market it sells to their clothes are pretty high end, but anyone who would say it beat Calvin Klein, or Banana Republic is probably still in high school. Hollister is for kids in Middle School and at that for kids in Middle School that have no sense of fashion.

It should definitely be on 1 on Top 20 Over-Worn Cheap Brands but this shouldn't even be on the same list as many of these brands. Added 7 years ago by guest, 10 points. Great clothes, but probably deserves to be here as clothes are far too commonly worn and have lost their uniqueness. Where i live everone wheres hollister it should be in the top 10 it is awesome. The best by far. Don't know why is so low in this top.

Deserves to be here People who wear it can't think for themselves Sad truth. Added 13 days ago by guest, 0 points. There is not a thing in my closet that isnt American eagle. Shirts, shorts, pants, underwear, shoes, hats, socks If you don't, you are either blind or retarded Added 8 years ago by guest, 0 points.

Added 2 years ago by guest, 1 point. Online shopping not available in the United States. Added 6 years ago by Nohel, 7 points. Only downfall is thier online shopping Added 7 months ago by guest, 0 points.

Did you notice that the more expensive brands have intelligent comments, but this cheap brand has people that speak like fools. G-Star has very good quality jeans and uses the best quality fabrics across its line of clothing. I would highly reccommend this brand. Very understated and the fits are great. Not about body hugging or toooo trendy or a fat logo. Got one check shirt. Really comfortable and beautiful sheen. Like you understand the stuff is so comfort and stylish.

Banana Republic is awesome. Wasn't Banana Republic much more stylish and creative some years ago? Quality is quite low, but so are the prices. Not a bad label, just not a good one either. Like Jcrew, not bad for filling up a wardrobe when money is tight. Why the heck isn't this one much higher up? Converse is way better than ambercrombie and Fitch.

Way Better than Hollister. I don't get it. It has very nice looking polos as well. Great clothing and a but expensive but worth it. I stay true to my brand choice! All jeans, shirts, shoes, access!! If you sign up for their email and get their Express Next card, you can get thousands of clothes for way under half the price!

Do the math next time, AE price or Express coupons and save!!!!!!! This should be waaayyy up there!!! I buy lots of polos and t shirts from Express. Always have great colors. Jeans are top quality. I like the Lion logo. The clothes are pretty good but their logo is so bad the clothes shouldn't be worn.

Added 2 years ago by guest, 0 points. Added 3 years ago by guest, 5 points. Guys this should definitely lie in Top I only have Jack and Jones jeans as my trousers It may be expensive, however it is insanely well made and if treated right, could last you a very ling time. Added 2 years ago by guest, 2 points. Wth this brand should be in the top 5, if its down here for price that's understandable but other than that it is of high top quality.

Brooks Brothers are an American giant. Focus mainly on conservative casual and smart clothing, although Black Fleece line is more fashion forward. Quality ranges from average to very good, but is typically good. Price wise they are very competitive and sales are a good time to hunt.

Added 3 years ago by guest, -2 points. I love UCB I stay true to my brand choice! If you sign up for their email and get their UCB Next card, you can get thousands of clothes for way under half the price! This brand is so cool and comfortable. Superdry is number 1 for sure!!!!!! The best brand ever invented, it's a genius trend setter.

Superdry has created their own niche in every individual. I always have to go up a size for this brand though! A little pricey but affordable for me! Such a great brand, deserves to be much higher! Original and well fitting, expensive? Yes, but totally worth every pennie. Added 1 year ago by guest, 3 points.

Added 3 years ago by guest, -3 points. Love there shoes, I own 4 pairs. Also great home collection. Versace, a brand for people with a sophisticated taste.

Versace has been steadily improving after a reasonably flat decade. If they keep it up, Versace will be back to where it belongs, that being a very desirable and fun brand of clothing to wear. Used to be the best brand label in the 's for their gaudy fashion. Nowadays a shell of their former selves, but I see the quality and style is returning. Should be top Versace is unoriginal, crazy and not very flattering.

Affordable, simple, but dazzling stylish!! GAP is too expensive in Panama, but good clothes. Added 5 years ago by guest, -5 points. Gap is my favorite since it's simple and affordable. Plain sometimes, but I think it should be a bit higher, way better than AE and Holister. Yeah gap is cool and simple that s why is once of the bests Prada are a good fashion label - some of their designer pieces are very nice.

Could you fill a work wardrobe with them? Hell no, and who would want to! But for occasional pieces, they are good. I personally avoid them for suits and other tailored pieces, but casual or dressy shirts, sweaters etc, Prada are good ;. Have a huge collection. Big Hands on This Brand. I am waiting for this brand to be in the top 20 list A company from ksa its a Lovely brand and brilliant quality.

Their Zigs are the best running shoes i've ever owned. Top brand, this being number 53 is nothing less than a travesty. If you go to their outlet stores, you can find great deal. Most better prices than Wal-Mart. Added 4 years ago by guest, points. Lol why is this 42? It should be in the top 10, great brand. Over rated, over priced.

Other brands in the same msrp range will have better construction. I love Jordan is the style classic makes u look good not trashy! Never does it deserve to be alongside gucci and Armani. The best of the best. Not so expensive at all Added 8 years ago by guest, -1 points.

Added 8 years ago by guest, 5 points. Added 8 years ago by guest, 6 points. Added 3 years ago by guest, -1 points. No nonsence, quality mens clothes, its just rock n' roll! Best for the fixed gear ride: Best and most original today from shoes to tees. This brand is very fashionable. From underwears, ties, shirts, t-shirts, polos, long sleeves, accessories and footwears. Their tees will make you look hot and cool.. Tr is one of the best brands in the world because it handmade there jeans thin outline it just so cool and that's why it coats so much it handmade TOP 10 in my book!

Cool looking jeans, quite fashion forward, but a rip off at retail. I also think these jeans rock younger people better than older. I've been building a TR jean collection over the past month. Doesn't get any better. The ladies love them, I get compliments every time I step out my door.

I Feel hella comfortable in true religion.. Best Jeans ever made No fuss, just stylish without brand labels all over. Is not infamous, just ignorant people do not know or wear this brand! Super expensive, but super high quality. Leather goods as good as one can get - I doubt even bespoke could reach this level of craftmanship.

As for Hermes clothes, they are well tailored and constructed, but of limited appeal. They have too small a clothing range each season, and the styling is quite generic. I see no reason why I would get a Hermes suit over a tailored suit from Napoli - quality wise they are about the same, but Hermes would not have much choice in fits or styles.

Hermes are boss for leather goods, but much more limited on tailored clothing. Also, their belt buckles with that H symbol is a little stupid, but nevermind, their belts are amazing quality, just flip the buckle and get it changed for another. Hermès is the most tasteful brand. Timeless elegance, synonymous with aristocracy and upper class. Oh and, to the other poster, do you know what infamous means honey? Utterly wrong usage of the word. It's my first sports wear I feel great wearing it.

Everyone knows that under armour is a good brand. Its an up and rising brand that will soon pass up nike and adidas. You just wait you'll see. Its really comfortable the winter clothes are really warm and holds the heat. By next year top 10 for sure!!!!!!!!!! As an extreme sporter of many varieties, I am well versed in oakley.

My first pair of sunglasses years ago thanks Mom , now one of my top choices for extreme clothing and accessories. The Best for me. The best brand ever. Nice clothes, perfect quality and they fit like it should fit. A lot better than abercrombie and fitch or hollister.

Added 6 years ago by guest, 16 points. Not Famous yet But Amazing quality and Long Lasting Fashionable when i bought i thought its not a good brand but when i worn it it was just amazing quality. Ferragamo are a big brand label, but to suggest Ferragamo do the best leather is plain wrong. They certainly are not up there with Hermes, or even Louis Vuitton for that matter.

Added 8 years ago by guest, -6 points. No more expensive than Gucci or Prada, but better quality. One of the best clothing makers in the world for ready to wear - Brioni cant be beaten.

Perhaps Brioni dress shirts are not as good as they should be, but their suits and jackets are amazing. Some of the best hoodies around. Serious contender in the urban streetwear aftermarket throne.

Stationed out of Phoenix, Arizona so you know its hot! The big homie doing it big! Hes putting phoenix on the map Its not a movement, its a takeover. Hip Hop style clothing. Great line has a bright future, just started in late Bought a black sweater off the guy who sold it. Personally I thought it was badass from the design to the quality of the material. Looking forward to more pieces from this line! I got a great suits from Pierre Cardin!!! Modern cut with great material!

I like hurley stuff a whole lot they have the coolest swim suits and flip flops not to mention some boss jackets and really nice clothes overall I own like 20 shirts and wear them all the time. My favorite brand by far. A very rare Munich brand and very expensive. Only few people will admire you if you are at a party.

It's a stylish, quality brand which is up there with the lies of armani, it does a whole range of stuff from shirts, to hats Very high end RTW range, with hand made suits, shirts, and trousers. Even their casual clothing is very nice. This should be top 10, one of the very best tailored brands in the world. Used to have bigger sizes in the past. This should be much higher.!!!

I'm a huge fan of quiksilver been buying there cloths for years. I dont think i own any other brand of jean other than quiksilver. Best swim suits for the money on the market. Quality stuff that deserves a lot more attention in the fashion world!

My favorite brand, great shirts and i just love there hats! Quicksilver shouldn't be this low.. When it comes to men's clothing, there are lots of great fashion lines, making excellent looks for guys everywhere. Men's clothing stores produce a wide range of classy, stylish shirts, pants, suits, and accessories for fashion forward men. Trending fashion lines are truly tuned in to what is and is not popular in terms of style, and big clothing line names are often renown for good reason. These popular men's clothing brands offer a range of styles, from dapper to casual, and their designs are sure to make any dude look awesome.

What are the best clothing brands for men in the world? What cool clothing brands for guys make you want to go out on a shopping spree?

What top men's clothing brands make the best looking clothes? This list of popular clothing brands for men will introduce you to new men's clothing labels for men and the most popular designers for men. Help decide on the hottest men's clothing brands below. Levent Deniz added The North Face. Clark Benson added Diesel.

Men's Clothing | Men's Stylists | Stitch FixDiscover New Brands · On Your Schedule · Data Driven Fashion · Choose your FrequencyWouldn't it be nice to have a fashion expert on your side? – USA Today. Men's Brands. Searching for a favorite brand? Interested in a new-to-you designer? Browse the list below to find just the label you're looking for. From high-end clothing manufacturers like Gucci and Armani to more mainstream brands like Nike and Diesel, there are many choices when shopping for men's clothing. Browse the list below and vote up the best brands to help decide the top 10 and beyond of men's wear.