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For us, applying from the U. So in hindsight you could say we had two months to get everything collected and uploaded. I have never heard of a document page limit. There is a total upload limit, which last I checked was 60 files of 5MB each. But I have never heard of the pages within each upload being limited. Hi Tayla and Gema, I saw posted by Gema somewhere earlier that you should upload the same document multiple times if it fits more than one category.

However, the Australian Immigration clearly specifies they want you to upload each document only once. Hi Jema, Thanks for all the valuable information. I was just hoping you could clarify something. Hey Peter — Sorry to be confusing. The trick does work, and you can still apply from within Australia subclass Hey Jema, Your page is an absolute godsend! So firstly thank you! As my husband is from Spain and we have been living together there, most of our proof of documents are in Spanish.

Will they need to be translated into English by a sworn translator before submitting? Thank you so much for your time. So happy the info has been helpful!

You could call the Europe Services Centre to get confirmation. I remember reading lots of complaints from applicants from places like Germany about how terribly expensive it is and how silly it feels to be translating things like phone bills, etc.

Hi jema My name is Azizan khatoon I have lodge online application for Australian partner visa subclass on 28th june Immigration staff emailed me for Biometric data collection with time frame of 28 days so it is over now and I do not have my Biometric yet. But now I want to have my Biometrics as soon as possible. Iam very confused about the letter that I have received I want to ask you is that letter is acceptable for Biometric data collection center. Kindly help me i will be great full to you.

Check out tip 4 up above for suggestions as to where you might find some assistance. Hi Jema, I have submitted the application and am still struggling on the evidence part. How to you prepare the bank statement? Do you just copy from the netbank and highlight? Or do you scan it first and edit later? I want a clear way to show the immigration officer but cannot figure out the best way! It would be great to hear your suggestion. Many thanks for the blog post and site, its been a huge help.

The timing of health and police checks are kind of up to you. The department says to wait until they ask, but the reason is that the checks expire after a year. That said, there are plenty of folks out there who take the risk. Not knowing I was taking a risk, I actually got my health checks six months before we even applied, since I was traveling through a place where it was really affordable.

See more about our timeline here. However, our visa got approved just one month before my checks would have expired! I took a risk on police checks, too. I got them right when we applied, because I had to do FBI clearance and they take a notoriously long time.

Three months, to be exact. Our visa got approved two months after my police checks came through and ten months before they would have expired.

Whatever floats your boat! Our list is showing the following additional forms as recommended. But they seem to cover a lot of information we have already submitted. We figured our C. Do you happen to know if the certified documents need to be in color or is black and white okay? Also, we are about 5 months out from applying for the partnership visa due to other circumstances, so I am using the time to gather all of the partnership evidence.

I was thinking of going ahead and working on getting the FBI background check and medical check as well.

Do you know if there is a time frame that those 2 items need to be done in relation to submitting for the partnership visa? Also, do you happen to know of the best forum for US expats where we can ask questions about transitioning, such as how it impacts taxes, can you keep money in a US bank after moving, etc?

Thanks so much for all the guidance! When they approve your visa, all your checks FBI and medical have to be done within the last year. Not realizing how long a visa approval would take, I got my health checks in March with a plan to apply between four and six months later. In September, six months later, when we finally applied, we realized we were at a risk of having to re-do the medical if the approval took too long.

Best thing to do is to check out Australian Partner Visa forums to have a look at the current wait times of people from low-risk countries and especially from the U. You can keep money in a U. I recommend OFX for transferring money between bank accounts because of its good rates and fee-free opportunities. Would like to ask after you submitted the application and made the payment online, how long will the immiaccount provide you to submitting the evidence?

Hi Sally — there is no deadline. Most people have the opposite concern… when will they finally look at all the evidence you worked so hard to submit?! Check Australian Partner Visa forums to see what kind of wait times people from your country or applying in your country are experiencing.

That will give you an idea of when they might start looking at your evidence. I just wanted to share a helpful bit of advice, I just got off the phone with Claudia at DIBP, who informed me that since we are applying online, we can just scan in originals of all important documents like passports, birth certs, etc; no need to get certified copies and THEN upload them. Glad to be helpful and thanks for paying it forward! Thanks for this post.

Or should I re-upload everything? If it was a request from a person, you could just tell them where the info is located. But also, might make a mess for your C. Hope that helps a bit. If not try some of the Australian Partner Visa Forums mentioned at the end of the page.

Its mady here, i just wanted to know that, i am Australian citizen, i applied partner visa for my wife from outside australia, after we got married in this feb, but the check list showing that upload evidence of residence and utility bills. Unfortunatly i am living in shared accomodation, i dont have any bills on my name. How can tackle this issue. Could please help me out. It seems immigration intends for everyone to sort out a sufficient amount of evidence for themselves, and the upload list suggests possibilities.

However, there are some things on the upload list that each person must upload. I recommend asking in an Australian Partner Visa Forum to find someone else in your situation and as what they did.

I wish I had seen this before I commenced my application. So on point but luckily for me my application was successful after doing it on our own too and I am now on a temporary residency visa. My question for you is, in your experience or from people you have spoken with, after temporary is granted how long does permanency take?

I read that 2 years after the date of lodgement they have to get back to you but is that just to touch base or to give you a decision. I have a friend who is going on 2 years on her temporary 3 all up from date of lodgement was wondering what to generally expect now and if I can do anything to boost my chances of a timely decision.

Hi, my partner and I are working on organising our evidence at the moment and I was just wondering if anyone can confirm that this process is still the same? Thanks for an amazingly helpful article by the way! As far as I can, nothing has significantly changed yet although I expect it to someday! I can tell you that none of them are about the info here being out of date.

Or do we have to get certified copies, scan those, and then upload them? Thank you for your help! So glad you found the page helpful, Sirena!

They want you to get the documents certified, and then scan the certified copies. A bit bizarre, but there are still a good number of scammers trying to fake their way in, I guess. Hi thank you so much for all your helpful information!

We have just submitted our application PMV and paid. We are about to upload our documents. I have a question, I am the sponsor and my fiance the applicant lives in Jordan we were doing long distance for some time. I moved to Jordan on a 6 month work contract in noV , to work and mainly to be with him — is it fine if we apply for the PMV while I am out of Australia.

We are both living in Jordan at the moment, I was wondering if I have to be living in Australia for our visa to be successful. What I am trying to say is, do I have to be in Australia while the visa is processing? Or is it fine that we are both living outside of Australia? The short answer to your question is: For your own peace of mind, I would just call up one of the services centres and see what they say about all the details and nuances of your situation that might matter.

I can tell you that my partner and I were not in Australia when we applied for a Partner Visa. He is a native-born Australian citizen are you? If you are a native-born Australian citizen, you probably have no idea about any of this.

Sorry for the long answer that is really just speculation. The services centres are really helpful and can set you straight. Hi Jemma, Thank you for your tips! I have a quick question- Is it that I just wait what happens after having uploaded all documents required?

Are they going to email me or anything? Is it that I will sometime receive a notification from them that my application has been assigned to a case officer? If you look at the end of the page before the comments start, you can see everything exactly as it happened to us.

My guess about what happens: When you get to the front of that queue, someone not a case officer looks it over for any glaring errors or missing parts, tells you to start getting police clearances, health checks etc. Then when those things have been done, I think a case officer is assigned. Wow just look at all the love! Where do I need to upload my attachments exactly?

Or will one do? Glad the page as been helpful. But the department thinks of you as two separate people, and most the info is to prove that the applicant is in a real relationship.

Worst case scenario, your C. Happy to be helpful. Thank you for being so patient with us, you are such an angel!! No worries — this page is a beast. Hi Jema, Thank you so much for your tips! I have learnt a lot from your sharing. Hope you could help me with my questions: Here is the question really bothers us. Have you Sponsor visited any countries in the last 10 years? Yes, he did — times every year to Singapore, and other western countries as well.

Do we have to list all the travel dates accurately when filling the online form? I had a similar problem with soooo many travels. As evidenced here, I am just ridiculously pedantic and have an insane memory, so was able to resurrect the info. My very-unofficial and therefore possible very-incorrect thoughts are this: For peace of mind, you could cruise the Australian Partner Visa forums there are only a handful asking there or call up one of the Services Centres.

Hi, massive thanks for sharing all this information, I just have a quick question… when you got the police checks done, did you upload them as certified copies? Or just the plain ones you received in the post? You can see there how long people are waiting in your situation. When we submitted follow up information, the officer was in touch really quickly… a few days. Hi Emma — sorry a bit slow on the messages at the moment. We just uploaded them straight to our file.

Where would something like this be uploaded? Your exact situation is what inspired me to write this page. And then found out that the department thinks of all the pieces separately. But we stuck with our method of organization and think we made it easier on our case officer. If you check out Fig. So for your specific situation I think we did: Social aspects of the relationship, Evidence of Document TYpe: Flight itineraries, photos, blah blah blah, Filename: Social aspects of the relationship, Evidence of.

Our case officer did not complain. The turn around from the day she first cracked open our file to the granting of the visa was very fast — 6 days. I asked our C. What a thing, indeed…. I do have another question, though.. I am trying to find this information desperately to no avail as of yet… One is in BC and the other is in Ontario… recommendations? You can definitely have your Canadian peeps write Stat Decs.

My guess as to why they value Australian stat decs more highly is that Australians are signing their lives away. Thanks so much for being so responsive and helpful!!! Is it a free service like in Aus? Like all other future visa applicants, I find your posts extremely useful. I have a question with regards to the number of documents you can upload and your information that it is good to upload the same documents in different categories even few times.

Uploading the same documents in many categories decreases your limit of 60 documents. For example a statutory declaration from a family member can be uploaded possibly in every category, so instead of 1 document, you upload 5 or 6 like that the same ones.

We kind of went against what it seemed like the department expected us to do break it all up into tiny pieces , but it worked out for us. All in all, we submitted pages worth of information, some of those pages maybe ? But they were all couched in a single PDF, which counts as one upload… no matter how many documents it contains.

Is it necessary to get an e-visa to travel to Australia? You are traveling on your Australian citizenship, I presume? We have been married for 2 years.

Now, we are planning to move to Australia along with my daughter and we are wondering if it will be better to start the partnership Visa process from here, or once we arrived in Australia. Thank you so much for this blog it has been so helpful for us. Usually there are threads with people reporting about when they applied, where they applied from, how long it took for the visa to be granted.

Hi, you say that you had your health examinations done prior to submitting the visa, how did you go about that? I am reading that you need to visit an approved doctor and provide a HAP number that you receive only after submitting your application? Also, did you guys each have a Will?

I have no idea what your evidence situation is. I am preparing the attachments for online partner visa, but I am confused on the photos. If i am applying online how to sign photos at the back. Are you asking how you would attach photos? We made PDFs using Powerpoint that allowed us to attach and comment on several photos at once. Photos that help prove your relationship is real can be attached in many places and under many possible headings. I also scanned the photos onto my PC and created a PDF containing original scans and Certfied copies in the single file.

Thanks for clearing that up, Anna! I went and had my passport photos taken. Then I scanned them, both signed back and front seperately. I saved both and back and front into one file and voila. When I applied, getting the HAP number was a separate thing. Perhaps it still is? My health exam situation is complicated by the fact that I ended up with two immi accounts — one under my hotmail address that I used to apply for my working holiday visa, and one under my gmail that I used to apply for the partner visa.

Thailand is a huge medical savings for an American without health insurance and health-care-for-all. If not, hopefully forums or some long sessions on the immi website will clear things up for you!

I applied for student visa on 5th November, on 25th nov I got married and on 1st Dec, I submitted the form-Notification of change in circumstance, where I mentioned that my relationship status have changed from being single to married.

On 2nd Dec I was granted the visa. Now my question is ,how can I be sure that the embassy is aware that now I am married now? How can I bring my husband in Australia with me? Is there any way he can travel with me in January? Or bringing him after I arrive in Australia, is the only option? If I bring him as subsequent entrant then what do i need to do? I am aware of the forms and documents that needs to be submitted but where and how should I submit it?

Should I try to attach them in my immi account now? I am very confused and sad. Hi Rafia — unfortunately I have no familiarity with student visas, what they do about spouses, and what kind of visa a spouse would need to join you as a student. Your best bet is to call a migration agent and see what advice they have for you. They are usually willing to explain the systems and how everything works and what your options are for free.

Then you can click through to their contact information and start calling. We have a few questions that would be great if you could help with. My partner applicant and I sponsor have just submitted and paid for our applications. Our answers are obviously the same for both applicant and sponsor. For us, it was several months before anyone even looked at our attachments. Some people take the risk of getting their medicals without waiting for the department to tell them to so that they are ready to go the second their number comes up.

However, like you said, this can backfire and they can expire. For example, my partner and I were approved just one month before my medical expired! In your immi account, you should have received a message from the department which states the eligibility to a bridging visa, which shouuuuld come into effect once the previous visa has expired.

I applied for the partner visa within Australia in February while on a as I lost my work sponsors and could not get another one without relocating back to a major city.

I ended up contacting the department through their complaints link online in November as I wanted to see if I could get some paperwork done in advance as I was expecting a baby around the time immigration would be due to begin assessing my application. I said I knew how busy they were but I was about to have my hands full, so if I could do anything in advance to speed up the paperwork process down the road, that would be a big help to us.

I was granted the stage one partner visa in April 14 months after initial application. I have just received the request for more information in order to complete the second stage towards attaining permanent residency through the partner visa December It is basically requesting new stat decs and proof of ongoing commitment to one another. It will not be viewed until at LEAST two years after the lodgement date for the stage one partner subclass temporary visa. However, it is generally less than six months after that date until the final visa is either granted or denied, so I will hopefully have this wrapped up by September I would say you have all that time to upload documents.

I uploaded everything I could within a week or so, but as ID changed and we got married, I would immediately upload new certificates and fill in the change in circumstances form as my initial application did not include having children or an actual date for getting married.

Your blog was the best one I read and was the most helpful in helping me organize my documents for my partner visa application. Hi Nina- that is so incredible! I got my visa last month, Hope your husband visa will grant soon.

Hi Pata congratulations on your visa- you must be so relieved, I can only imagine that feeling. How long to total was your wait time?

We are now reaching 6 months…I am going to see him again in January, I hope and pray we can come home together…. Hi Jema, Thankyou for all the information and you taking the intitive to help so many people. I was wondering if you could help me. Im a Australian that met my Mexican partner in Mexico this is the third time I have been to Mexico to be with her at which I will have been here for 2 months just this time and i proposed to her.

So we are bout to start the process of the partner visa. She had the Visa done by a agency here so im not sure why she got that requirement We will be applying for the partner visa with me in Australia and her in Mexico. We have plenty of photos, messages and emails to prove we are legit. How do you think we will go? My advice to you would be to ask in an Australian Partner Visa Forum to get ideas from others in similar positions. There has to be a way to prove your togetherness!

You have to leave if you want to try for another visa. Hi there, Thank you so much for this! My partner and I are just starting to collect everything for the visa applying from Canada and this really helps! I just wanted to confirm, did you require a medical or police record check from Australia at all?

And at what point did you go to Australia on a tourist visa? So glad to hear the page has been helpful. I did require a police check from Australia because I had spent more than a year there. I actually got my medical done in Thailand because I was traveling through and I knew it would be less expensive than doing it at home or in OZ.

I went to Australia on a tourist visa after my partner had to return to Australia to work. He had taken six months off so we could travel abroad together. I could never find anything completely clear about whether or not it would be okay for me to go on a tourist visa, but I found lots of people were doing it. I clarified that with a services centre and took the risk of going. Thank you for the luck!

It is so daunting, but the more I read the better I feel about it. Winter has officially started in North America haha. Thank you so much for spending the time to put together this blog. I have found it very helpful, especially with organizing and compiling evidence. I am about to pay my fee and go to the dreaded upload screen, but I actually feel prepared for it now! Just wanted to give you a virtual high five for all your hard work. Best of luck to you! Immigration staff emailed me already for additional documents with time frame of 28 days.

Hi there, as far as I know you can attach documents whenever you want. As to whether or not your C. I guess you want to strike a balance between placating your own worries, making sure you have adequate evidence, and not making too much work for your C. If you check out the Partner Visa forums, you might find someone else in your shoes who can tell you what they did. Amazing blog, such a champ for helping everyone out.

I just wanted to check that the file limit was 60 total, between the two of us, not 60 each right? Hey Tamz — Glad to be helpful! I know anyone not fraudulently applying for a visa i. Yes, it is 60 each. We are 4 months in to our partner visa processing.

My husband is still in Sri Lanka and Im back in Australia and we are feeling the separation big time! Its a really difficult experience, not being able to plan life properly or know when we are going to be together again. Considering applying for a third attempt two rejections prior to partner visa to be reunited here on a tourist visa while we are waiting. Does anyone here have experience of doing this, any insights or advice to share?

I do believe we are eligible for a sponsored family stream now we are married. Does the partner visa carry enough weight as an incentive to leave Aus, given this is why he was rejected previously? If they are ready to make a decision and is told to leave Aus to wait for the outcome, whats this process like?

In sri Lanka now cleared all applicant till feb. Now we are waiting from feb on wards applicant. I think your case may take some more time because prior reject. One applicant in Sri Lanka who applied same case but he got it last month after 10 months. Hi Pata thanks for your reply- not sure what you mean by all applicant cleared till Feb? We have decided against the visitor visa application for now that wold have been our third try.

I am going to visit him in SL in Feb. Hoping and praying we will know something by then… Hayley. You mean your husband has been rejected for two tourist visas? I came to OZ on a tourist visa, hoping our application would be approved before the visa ran out and it was! I just had to leave the country asap for several business days. The cheapest ticket was to Bali, so I camped in a hotel room in Kuta for a few days.

We were only trying to get him here to meet my family and see Aus and experience the country. We knew it would be difficult as we had talked about our relationship, but thought maybe the second one we would have more chance, as we included plans for my move to Sri Lanka to be together.

After living in Sri Lanka together is when we got married and hence submitted a partner visa. I guess now it is a good thing we talked about our relationship in the two VV applications as its evidence now. We will go ahead with the 3rd attempt and hope we are as lucky as you. Did the dept contact you by email when they were ready to notify? Hi Hayley — yup, contacted by email on all occasions. Hi Hayley, I am also thinking of applying for a tourist visa along with the spouse visa for my partner.

Firstly, thank you so much for making this post and answering questions. You have already been a tremendous help to me and our application! Also — do you have any opinions on whether or not it would be ok to compile the Danish statements into one pdf?

That would certainly save some documents — especially if we submit these statements in different categories. So happy to hear the page has been helpful!

My personal opinion was that it probably made it easier for our C. However she never responded to any of my queries about how she felt about the way we submitted our evidence. Danish statements in one PDF, I can only give you my personal opinion. We submitted our evidence based on that principle, combining much of it.

So partly it just worked out that way, and partly we thought our way made more sense and were willing to take a risk doing it our way instead of following their piece by piece format. And that makes total sense. O will find in the document. I am getting scholarship. I am living in shared accommodation with friends. I recently married in july She has 7 years old son. I will get custody in next 3 months and then I will apply for visa. I have one query about accommodation. Now I am planning to shift to family accommodation.

I can afford one BHK at this moment. Is that okay or I need to go with two bhk property. Because I will sponsored my wife and my son. So from that angle, I can see how the 1BHK might be an issue shows you can only afford… or a support shows you are responsible and saving well? You can always check in the excellent Australian Partner Visa Forums or by calling one of the Services Centre numbers on the immigration website.

The Australian Partner Visa forums are a great resource for getting answers. So are the services centres. Hi Jemma my visa just got approved. Thanks so much again!!! My partner and i got married in last August. My partner was on his student visa when we got married, now he is working full time with a well known company. I want my partner to come here. We do have joint bank ac from a year we have active trans.

I did also recently went to NZ to spend a week holiday with him. We have been socially active, we also have posted our marriage certificate and registered marriage ceremony photos. The partner migration booklet would have answers for you. Maybe Australian Partner Visa forums as well? They now offer online shopping and there's also a store locator to find your nearest New Look.

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Click here to visit the Wallis web site. Wall offers a collection of finely tailored clothes with flattering and forgiving shapes for the more sophisticated and mature woman. Their offline boutiques are in Edinburgh and London's Nothing Hill. Click here to visit the Wall Luxury Essentials web site. Warehouse offers trendy, glamorous and funky fashionwear. Shopping can be done by product or collection.

Click here to visit the Warehouse web site. Woolovers are the UK's market leader in selling knitwear on country fairs and shows. Click here to visit the Woolovers web site. Acclaimed by London Sunday Times as the No. Click here to visit the YOOX web site. At YuKKa, one of the leading online streetwear shops, you'll find a great selection of urban and hip hop fashion as seen on the likes of Beyonce, Britney, Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton.

Click here to visit the YuKKa web site. You can also download their catalog and there's also a store locator. Click here to visit the Zara web site. Home Clothes Women's Clothing This section lists clothes stores and fashion shops for women. Aftershock London Aftershock is a trendy luxury British brand with stores in London, Manchester and the rest of the world. Click here to visit the Aftershock web site All Saints All Saints brings you a unique, trendy and rock n roll inspired collection of womenswear and accessories.

Click here to visit the All Saints web site American Eagle Outfitters American Eagle Outfitters bring you a great collection of casual fashionable womenswear. Click here to visit the American Eagle Outfitters web site Apricot Apricot was born in with the aim to produce beautiful clothing that appeals to both mothers and daughters. Click here to visit the Apricot web site Ariella If need you need a dress for that special occasion or party then look no further than Ariella. Click here to visit the Ariella website Artigiano Artigiano is fast becoming the UK's leading Italian fashion brand for women , bringing you stylish clothes and accessories inspired by this season's most important looks.

Click here to visit the AX Paris web site Banana Republic Founded in , Banana Republic's aim has always been to make runway styles more accessible and affordable. Click here to visit the Banana Republic website Bellfield Bellfield Clothing was established in and has already been shortlisted for the prestigious Young Fashion Brand of the Year award at the Drapers Awards.

Click here to visit the Bellfield website Blue Inc Blue Inc bring you a funky and fashionable selection of t-shirts, dresses, tops, knitwear, jackets and jeans for women at very affordable prices. Click here to visit the Boden web site Bonmarche Bonmarche is the UK's leading high street and online store catering for the more mature women who love to look good with an eye for value for money prices. Click here to visit the Bonmarche web site bonprix bonprix catalogue sell womens clothing that you will not find on the High Street.

Click here to visit the bonprix web site Boohoo BooHoo is an excellent store to treat yourself to this season's red hot styles at credit crunch friendly prices. Click here to visit the Boohoo web site Charles Tyrwhitt Charles Tyrwhitt hand-make beautifully cut women's shirts from the very finest materials. Click here to visit the Charles Tyrwhitt web site Claire's Claire's is one of the world's leading specialist retailers of fashionable accessories for young women.

Click here to visit the Claire's web site Damart Founded in , Damart has been designing stylish and comfortable ladieswear for many years. Click here to visit the Damart web site Debenhams Debenhams offers a wide selection of women's fashion, designer, casual and sports wear. Click here to visit the Debenhams web site Diesel On Diesel's official online store you can buy their full range of jeans, clothing, shoes and accessories. Click here to visit the Diesel web site Dorothy Perkins At Dorothy Perkins you can find women's casualwear, suits, lingerie and separates.

Click here to visit the Fashion Union web site Fashion World Fashion World specialise in selling flattening clothing and lingerie inspired by the latest trends but at great value prices. Click here to visit the Figleaves website Fifty Plus Fifty Plus is site that will appeal to the mature woman who is still young at heart.

Click here to visit the Fifty Plus website Forever 21 At Forever 21 you'll find the latest fun and exciting trends at very affordable prices.

Click here to visit the Forever 21 web site Forever Unique Forever Unique is a glamorous designer female fashion brand. Click here to visit the French Connection web site Gap Gap now sell their latest clothes range online through their new UK web site too previously this was just in the US.

Click here to visit the Girl Meets Dress web site Glamorous This Manchester based fashion brand aims to be you on trend indivudual fashions at affordable prices. Click here to visit the Glamorous website Goddiva - Feel like a star Goddiva specialise in celebrity fashion trends and is a great shopping destination for fashion-savvy women looking for the latest trends at affordable prices. Click here to visit the Goddiva website Great Plains Great Plains is a popular women's fashion boutique and catalogue retailer.

Click here to visit the Great Plains web site GUESS Founded in California in the early 80s, Guess brings you a trendy collection of jeans and clothes for women who like to look glamerous and fashionable. Click here to visit the House of CB web site House of Fraser House of Fraser are one of the most fashion conscious department stores and now you can also buy their collections of womenswear online.

Click here to visit the House of Fraser web site Hush Homewear For stylish and comfortable women's loungewear, nightwear and beachwear look no further than Hush. Click here to visit the Hush web site Izabel London Izabel is one of the fastest growing womens fashion brands in the UK. Click here to visit the Izabel London web site Jaeger Jaeger, the renowed British luxury clothing brand, brings you a collection of stylish and innovative womenswear that combines the latest catwalk trends with luxurious fabrics.

Please enable JavaScript to enable tag functionality. Carhartt Clothing Carhartt clothing sets the standard for high quality work clothing worldwide. Dickies Clothes Dickies has developed an innovative clothing line that encompasses everything from jackets, coats, work pants, shorts and shirts, to denim jeans, overalls, coveralls and medical scrubs that all deliver great value!

Please enable JavaScript to be able to enable AddThis functionality. Carhartt Coats Carhartt Coats offer you a variety of lining options and materials that will keep you warm all winter long. Carhartt Jackets Carhartt Jackets offer the perfect solution for your cold weather needs.

Carhartt Sweatshirts Carhartt Sweatshirts are for people who like to work hard and play harder. Carhartt Pants Carhartt pants are trusted by millions of people in America and Europe who require rugged, hard-wearing pants whether at work or play. Carhartt Jeans You can do almost any job wearing a pair of Carhartt Jeans, known for exceptional durability, comfort and quality of construction, you'll enjoy Carhartt's traditional, relaxed, loose fit and Carhartt dungaree styling for many years to come.

Carhartt Overalls Founded in , the Carhartt Clothing dynasty was based upon many workers' needs for a durable and long lasting overall. Carhartt Shirts Whether it's a Carhartt flannel shirt, henley shirt, denim shirt, mock turtleneck or a high quality Carhartt T-Shirt, you'll find a nice selection of great looking Carhartt styles and colors to choose from. Carhartt Vests Carhartt vests are guaranteed first quality outdoor vests! Carhartt Coveralls Carhartt coveralls include Carhartt insulated coveralls, Carhartt Extremes insulated coveralls and Carhartt Extremes bib coveralls.

Carhartt Flame Resistant Clothing. Carhartt Shorts A pair of Carhartt shorts is one of the most functional and versatile pieces of clothing you can own. Carhartt Boots Carhartt boots offer well conceived designs to endure rugged work conditions, as well as a host of outdoor activities.

Wrangler Jeans If you don't know Wrangler, you don't know jeans. Work Boots Need a comfortable and long lasting work boot? Timberland Pro Boots Engineered for heat resistance and durability, Timberland Pro Series Work Boots include the use of a special rubber based compound that improves resistance to oil, while maximizing slip and abrasion-resistance on all surfaces.

Shop Timberland Pro Boots. Wolverine Boots With slips and falls being the leading cause of job-related injuries, Wolverine's line of Durashock Slip Resistant boots and shoes offers one of the best solutions that deliver safety and comfort, on the job or off.

Carolina Boots Designed to fit into specific work environments so as to perform above expectations, Carolina Shoes and Carolina Boots offer options for special needs or functions. Danner Boots Founded in , Danner Boots has upheld a proud tradition of manufacturing high quality work boots, as well as hiking, mountaineering, hunting, fishing and military footwear that's well regarded for reliability and comfort worldwide. Wesco Boots With nearly a century of experience in boot manufacturing experience serving utility line workers the world over, Wesco Linemen Boots offers premium lineman footwear lines that includes the Wesco Highliner, Jobmaster and Firestormer.

Thorogood Boots Thorogood Boots offer an excellent line up of application specific footwear values unmatched in the industry today. Georgia Boots Georgia boots offer solid value, durability and comfort with proven technologies and outstanding innovations that include use of Gore Tex membrane technologies and a host of smart design features. Caterpillar Boots Caterpillar boots love mud and rough terrain, no matter what your Caterpillar boots size is.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots. Chippewa Boots In the early 's, Chippewa Boots began as a maker of logger boots for midwest camps in the pulp and paper industries. Why Choose Working Person?

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