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The Compass / Ask a Black Lapel Stylist • Style / Learn How to Wear a Vest Casually. Learn How to Wear a Vest Casually. I wanted to wear a navy blue vest that I own with a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt and some brown shoes (?) so we encourage you to wear a full suit instead of a sweater vest. You could wear the sweater vest if.
Cardigans are a classic favorite in men’s clothing. Every man should have at least one staple cardigan in his closet for crisp fall nights or sunny spring mornings. v-neck sweaters are a fun twist on a classic, and they’re polished and flattering.
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If only we had known about this sooner, we could have gotten your groom and groomsmen decked out in some custom threads!

Here he is rocking an outfit that straddles the line between dressy and casual quite well. The color combination of darker brown pants, shoes and tie with the lighter blue shirt and mid-blue vest is a classic.

Can I wear a black pants, black shirt with a golden vest and tie? Even if the back of the vest is white? Your outfit sounds pretty sharp. You guys are awsome. Ever since I came across your site I have been reading pretty much all your replies to everyone.

What if I wore a dark gray vest with a light pink shirt and a purple paisley tie? What pants, belt, and shoes would I wear?

The strong pattern of the tie and colors of both the shirt and tie would need to be balanced out by a pretty understated lower half. Try khaki chinos with brown brogues, like the ones we recommended here and a matching brown belt for a classic look. With a silk tie you could dress this look up a bit below the belt with light gray wool slacks. In that case, brown or black shoes with a matching belt would be appropriate, just stick with more casual styling like loafers to avoid looking like you just forgot the of your suit.

Sorry to have some dumb questions, its just that im farely new at this and well im starting to really dig the casual looks, suits and all. I was also curiouse about one of your replies, are glossy or shiny long sleeve shirts under vests bad? We would avoid shiny or glossy shirts under vests or even without vests.

We would just avoid shiny or glossy shirts. There are still many different types of cotton shirts, from twills to oxfords to chambrays. All of these are suitable for wearing under a vest and on their own. I was wondering, can I wear casual cloth like vest, ties dress shirts and dress pants or jeans in the spring time?

By cloth, do you mean cotton or linen? Match the texture of the tie a well. We love knit ties with vests for a bit of texture. Cotton ties are another good seasonal option for spring. Do you think a dark blue vest match with a white button down shirt, a dark blue jean with a slight fading at the front and at the back and also a light brown sneakers?

And also do you think this outfit is suitable when I want to go out with my friends at the mall? The outfit sounds good, Aizad. The only thing we might edit are the shoes. I am 23 and I just bought a black vest which has dark grey back to it. Can I wear this vest over a crisp white shirt,with dark wash jeans, black and black shoes? Also, I have a black skinny tie but should I go out and buy a knit tie instead?

That sounds like a good look, Nick. The only thing we would advise you to be mindful of is the shoes. Black is the way to go here, but black shoes tend to look pretty formal. As for the tie, we would suggest going with a textured tie. You could also wear a cotton tie, like this one from J. Crew, or even linen, like this one from The Tie Bar, that are just what the doctor ordered for your spring look. Thanks for the quick reply! Does the tie have to be black or can it be another color?

I am a fan of lace-ups, are there potentially a style of lace-ups on the more casual side that I could wear with this outfit? Actually, the cotton and linen ones we linked to both feature gray, but no black. A black knit tie is a great addition to your wardrobe in general, but you can go with just about color you like for the knit tie option.

As for the lace-ups, there are a lot of ways to go more casual with them. Brogues are generally more casual than smooth leather. We also love shoes with contrasting soles for a more casual touch. The main thing is to avoid the cap-toe oxfords that look great with a suit but look a little too dressy with jeans or casual chinos. Family pics coming up with siblings and spouses. Sounds like a family that takes their photography seriously, Jesse.

All of the guidelines about fit above apply. As for color, we love medium gray vests. A white shirt is a fail-safe, but if you want to go with a color, try a light blue like this twill or this light blue oxford.

As for the shoes, we could write a whole story on the types and colors of shoes every man should have in his wardrobe. Oh wait, we already did! If we had to pick just one pair of the shoes we mentioned in that article to wear for the rest of our days, it would be the Charles Tyrwhitt brown brogues. I need to know if my shiny green tie kelly green kind of colour would work or would i need a black one.

Also shoes, would i need to wear smarter shoes or would black and lime green skate shoes be ok? That said, there are definitely several colors in between kelly green and black and we fully encourage you to explore the full spectrum. A note on the shoes, going dressier is always a classy move but coordinating other accessories with the shoes is important as well. Said kelly green tie may not work so well with a pair of dark brown wingtips.

The dresscode is smart casual and most of us will be going out bar hopping later after the dinner. How does a grey waistcoat and trousers; matching , crisp white shirt, with dark brown brogue shoes and dark brown leather watch sound?

I was thinking of wearing a skinny tie or bow tie as well as a leather belt that that match up with the shoes. Start with a tie and you can loosen the knot and roll up your sleeves for a bit of sprezz as the night goes on. Remember to sport a pocket square and stay stylish! Curious, having a work launch party and I plan on wearing dark wash jeans, grey vest and undecided about the shirt and shoes.

Thought about lavender shirt, brown belt and brown shoes. This is a good, laid-back look. We would caution you on one thing: While matching your belt color to your shoes color is smart, we would avoid the belt if possible. Under a vest belts create a bulge around the buckle that can look a little awkward. If you need another way to hold the pants up, you can try one of our secret tricks and wear suspenders under the vest. We can do some special customizations on your vest that might work.

Please contact our concierge team at concierge gmail. I like the idea of being able to accessorize the outfit with a vest and just curious on what color to really go with for the vest.

To get one of these vests, contact our concierge team at concierge blacklapel. Hi i am going to wear a pair of darkish jeans and a white shirt, a charcoal grey vest and brown boots. This outfit begs for a textured tie. Instead try neutrals like navy or medium gray.

If you really want to have some fun with it, try Mr. Cord with a gray pattern on the front that will stand out and you can let the brown in the back of the tie peek out to perfectly accent the brown boots. Bonus points, this tie is great for suiting up with a charcoal suit as well.

I have a black slim fitted vest that I want to use and a multitude of t-shirts and quite a few button ups. I would appreciate any advice, and am more than willing to send pictures of specific outfits on request. The old adage about black going with everything is a half-truth. Try it with darker reds, blues and purples and the whole look turns dark and dour. Alas, you can still make the vest work, you just have to boost the contrast with lighter colors like light blue and white shirts.

Also, a black knit tie and a crisply folded pocket square can go a long way toward making this outfit come off better. The other thing to consider is how this vest can work as just a layer. While the above is all about how to make the vest the centerpiece of your look, you can drop in the vest under a light gray suit or under a gray blazer of a different textures i.

I dig the idea of a pocket square, and will have to make a point out of picking a few up soon. And, yes, grab some pocket squares. Here are some good starting points for your collection , plus a huge list of favorites from readers like you. Good afternoon, I was hoping for some advice. I have a wool charcoal pin stripe vest, dark wash slim fit jeans, lavender shirt and a tie that works with the shirt.

I was wondering if I could wear a dark brown suede jacket with this combo? If so, what colour shoes would you suggest? If you nix the jacket, I have a charcoal double breasted overcoat, or a dark grey biker style jacket I could use. The biker jacket is intriguing, Matt. Of all of the choices, this sounds the most unexpected and we like a little unexpectedness in our pairings like this puffer vest with a suit. We would also steer clear of the double-breasted overcoat, which sounds too formal for this look.

Regardless of the top layer, a pair of loafers or monk straps, like the ones we highlighted here , ought to do the trick with a pair of jeans. I have a charcoal grey 3 piece suit of which the vest has a black back. Can the vest be worn by itself with the suit pants or jeans or do should I get a vest that is wholly the same material? We give you our blessing to wear that vest with other clothes, Tom.

We love this look. All of the above advice still applies. Just email concierge blacklapel. Going to a more casual dance and really need a casual vest outfit. Can you help me with an outfit idea?? I am younger and can pull a lot of stuff. To get attention without overdoing it, stay away from busy patterns, but nail the details. Pair the above with a freshly laundered white shirt and a solid, non-silk you said you wanted it to be pretty casual tie that echoes the color of the pants and like this.

Thinking of wearing a light purple shirt with a grey vest. For the jeans should I wear solid black jeans or dark blue? Shoes will be black. Vest has black buttons?? Both dark blue and black jeans would work for this look.

If you want the light purple to stand out more, go with black jeans no other colors to compete with it in the outfit. Would never be gold lame. Thinking about changing the shirt to a red or rose pink. What type denim would be best suited?

Still tough to be too specific with a recommendation without seeing the vest but the red and pink shirt options sound like just what the doctor ordered.

When in doubt err in the side of slim, dark, non-distressed denim. It never goes out of style. How about a gold vest, black long sleeve shirt and a black leather clarks? The vest is gold at the front with a pattern and black at the back. What kind of denim would best fit?

If you mean gold, as in gold lamé then we will have to give you a big thumbs down. The richness of caramel khaki works better with white or a color, like light blue or pink for the shirt and rich brown for the shoe.

We like jeans for this look. Whatever the case, denim is a classic pairing with this look. I would wear gray or black shoes with the pictured outfit.

Or match the shoe color with a casual tie. I just purchased a gray herringbone vest with an ink blue shirt and I was wondering if I could wear a skinny black tie with it as well. If not, could I get a few combinations that would work well. That said, if the shirt is too dark it could the black tie and gray vest could make for a generally dull look.

Yes, you CAN, wear a black short sleeve shirt under a white vest. If you could do the latter, the former would be the perfect outfit otherwise, steer clear.

Should the vest be all one color? I wanted to wear a light gray front green back vest with a black dress shirt and darker gray skinny jeans, for a sort of casual look with a rocker look too.

Black Lapel vests come with fabric on the front and Bemberg lining on the back. You can choose another lining color, though, for the back to get the desired effect and, upon special request, you can even get a vest that is fabric on both the front and back.

In your case, Kieth, we suggest something like our Cool Gray four-button with Sky Blue lining on the back for that casual, rocker look.

Everything goes with black. The only pants or shirt color we would suggest avoiding is brown. For a cool look try Light Gray Glen Plaid pants and a white shirt. Where do I get these kind of clothes? The vest and shirt above are both available from Black Lapel.

If you are opting for a more casual look, then dark wash jeans always work. She will be wearing a grey sweater dress from Inc. I am planning to wear a pair of black Banana Republic slacks, Marc Anthony slim textured white shirt.

I am trying to decide what color vest to buy and what color tie to wear as well. A black and white, shirt and pants outfit leaves the door pretty wide open, Pete. The varsity move, is to keep things neutral neutral with a Solid Cool Gray vest.

This would allow you to wear the vest with just about anything after your party nobody needs a one-hit wonder in their closet. As for ties, the Mr. Cord by Armstrong and Wilson would bring just the right amount of pattern to this all solid outfit and, again, would be highly wearable after the party because it looks great with everything from a suit to jeans. Follow the advice above and you looking stylish will never come as a surprise to anyone ever again. Quick opinion for firm holdiay party dress.

Very casual place so the dress varies greatly among people. Trying to decide between charcoal or black vest and brown or black shoes. I am a big pile of indecision. Well you get points for having a sense of humor about it. The charcoal vest will look better with the texture of the shirt and the brown shoes will keep things from getting too serious. I picked up an old vest from a thrift shop — medium grey front, brown back. If I pair it with dark blue jeans, do you have any suggestions for a color shirt and maybe tie too?

Just about every shirt in your closest barring maybe a black one will play nicely with this vest and jeans. I am looking at a rocker, psuedo-casual look for New Years; a dark, pale red, short-sleeved shirt or dark salmon , with black vest and jeans. What would be the best jeans and footwear combo to go with these? Taking note I no longer have long hair like my avatar suggests; I have a short, faux-hawk style these days.

As for pants, it sounds like a casual look so jeans are the way to go, Brian. Lighter ones will work with a black vest. And to take the rocker look all the way, black boots would be in order. Try some of the sleeker, but still durable options from brands like Geox or the beautiful new boot offering from Jack Erwin.

Justin, we think you might be over-thinking it but feel free to shoot us a photo of the outfit to our stylists at concierge blacklapel. Hi I want a new look for night out. Ive got a really nice pair of black jeans, black shoes, black belt and skinny black tie. If you do want to step it up a notch, bring a little bit of textural contrast to this look. Try a textured tie or a black and white striped knit tie.

Both look great under a vest. I want to wear matching colored black pants with a vest and tie should the vest be a casual suit vest or a more leather looking style vest, if not a tie what kind of shirt as in a plain one or something with patterns of some sort on it? The goal of your casual outfit should be to look like you just threw something on and it looks great. That outfit sounds on point, Ross. One styling tip on the jeans, though. I have a casual yet high class dinner party this weekend.

I am planning to wear a blue partywear shirt, a pair of black jeans, a brown collared woolen vest and dark brown sneakers.. Also, black seems like an odd jeans color for wearing with a brown vest. Im going to a Nordstrom interview and was wondering if this outfit would work? Im considering tan slacks and a white button down, sleeves wont be rolled up. Also Im wearing dress shoes. The questions are belt or no belt? Do you think slacks are ok?

This is not the story to look to for advice on what to wear to an interview. I have another, probably more functional question… do you have any tips on how to secure the extra bit of the vest adjustment strap? So I have this nice dark gray vest from Express, solid white dress shirt from Express, dark blue jeans and dark brown suede shoes from JCrew… how big of a sin is it to mix brands?

I have dark grey vest.. Do I need to pair up it with black trousers or dark blue jeans??? Will glossy grey shirt go with it??

Dark pants or dark wash denim are a safe bet with a dark gray vest. In our opinion a glossy gray shirt goes best with a stack of clothes to be donated. The only thing in your closet that should be glossy is a pair of well-shined shoes. I was thinking about rocking a vest with a shirt gray, blue or white. I have 3 vests black, navy blue and navy blue pin stripes.

Should i go khakis or dress pants? And what vest, shirt and tie combo would you suggest? There are a lot of possible combinations here, Dipen. This comment sounded vaguely like a word problem from the probability section of a math textbook. This story is about wearing the vest casually, so usually we would suggest the white shirt, navy blue vest and khakis and a knit tie to pull together this casual look.

It begs the question, are you sure casual is what you want to do here? A jacket either a suit or a blazer and dress pants might be the way to go. What do you think of vests with designs? Tribal was in for a while and I think we some denim it could work. We think blankets should remain blankets. How do interviews go in Russia? If there was ever a time to suit up, this is it. We listed a full rundown on what to wear to a job interview a while back.

Get things off on the right foot with a proper interview outfit , Franklin. Can it be worn? Yes, though we would recommend a more casual vest than the third part of a suit and only with a white T-shirt. Will you look like Ed Norton on the Honeymooners? Can you fix cars or are you just generally handy? Are you headed to a dive bar? That waistcoat is far too short.

You make some good points, Mr. I am thinking of wearing a white v-neck t-shirt, gray vest, very dark blue jeans and brown brogues to a casual dinner party. The V-neck and the V of the vest are likely to compete, though. White works with a gray vest or any other color for that matter , and will work with the rest of the outfit you described. I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend, I have hired a photographer to capture the surprise.

I am going to rock the following black, hooded, casual vest with a pair or lighter washed jeans: To match the rugged look of the jeans though we always prefer darker washes to dress up a pair of jeans and pair our lighter washes with T-shirts and sneakers and the athletic elements of the vest, keep things sporty with a textured tie like any of the ones we recently featured on Faceboook and a crisp white, button-down collar shirt in a hearty weave like an Oxford or broadcloth.

Can I wear a black vest with a gray suit? Does the vest HAVE to match the same material and pattern as the rest of the suit? This is a varsity move but one that can look very good when pulled off as this gentleman and this gentleman show us. I like this idea. I was thinking of having him dressed in dress pants either black or dark grey , white shirt, burgundy wedding motif tie and a vest not sure what colour. Do you think that would do? What about a black V neck sweater instead of a vest? We lean towards the vest instead of the sweater.

Much less can go wrong with a vest. A vest is a classic and getting one that fits is much simpler than getting a sweater that fits. As for a vest color, a little contrast between the pants and vest can go a long way. In the photo above we created contrast with texture the tougher denim against the softer wool but going with a stronger colored vest can really make it pop.

If there were ever a time to wear a suit, this is it. Go forward with caution, perhaps you should check with the groom before showing up in jeans. This one relies on the sneakers to dress down the suit.

A pair of brown dress shoes will definitely do the trick. Also, could you suggest some combinations to wear to a bachelor party and also to a wedding, keeping in mind that I would prefer darker colors.

The key to making sure things look good on your body type is fit. A vest that hugs your sides will serve you well casually and as a part of a three-piece suit. As for the bachelor party, well, that depends on what kind of bachelor party it is, but How to Pack for a Weekend in Vegas ought to get you off on the right foot. A vest is a great way to bring a touch of formality to an otherwise casual look.

For the jeans, the darker the wash the more formal they look. A pair of white bucks can work for a summer look but for an audition, keep them really tame. Black jeans work, so do dark blue.

Faded might look too casual, especially if you switch out the Chucks for brogues. For the belt, go with leather and keep it the same color as the brogues. Planning to wear this to a wedding reception. Bright blue button down shirt with a gray vest. Black jeans and gray converse shoes. We say switch out those converse for some brown brogues to keep it classy. It is a wedding after all. I know I will be wearing dark gray dress pants but will be buying a vest. What about light gray or other colors for the vest or even a different darker shade?

I am still undecided on my shirt color. A light gray vest would make for a great casual look, especially during the summer time! Other darker colored vests are fair play too as long as you stay clear of the pinstripes! Lavender shirt arm rolled, dark blue jeans, dark grey vest and black converse.. However, if you still feel inclined knot up, a very dark, midnight purple tie would complement the colors in your outfit nicely.

I was thinking of going with this look with a grey shirt, black tie, and black vest with a dark wash jeans. I was thinking of wearing grey converses as well. If you want our input, how about going with a lighter shirt like a solid light blue shirt or even a crisp white shirt for better contrast against the black vest? Also, if you go with a tie, try a knit tie.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to vest up and leave an impression! I looked at this and immediately had 3 questions: Bryn, here are our answers: The exception to this is if the shirt you are wearing underneath is short enough to be hidden underneath the vest. I always see these kinds of posts with examples of suits or vests that are black, but never grey.

Is this advisable, or should I simply get a black vest if I want to look good casually wearing a vest? Travis, a gray vest makes for an absolutely fine pairing. I personally like to wear a vest and matching pants with an odd jacket; it gives it a casual look, but not as casual as the example in this post. Also, although it works with jeans, avoid wearing a belt with a vest in any other situation at all costs.

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