Naughty Little Girl Caught Her Sister's Bf While Sniffing Her Panties

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I fucked and came, fucked and came, holding her little bottom, hugging her sexy little body, feeling her jerk in her climax. When Ralph barked for attention and she turned to look over her shoulder, I actually had some thoughts about puppies the SPCA would have frowned at. Of the three, Sam had the most explosive personality, completely overwhelming, a carefree enthusiasm for everything. I had a hard erection that, had Sam been awake, she'd have felt. My hand shook uncontrollably.

Watch Naughty Little Girl Caught Her Sister's BF While Sniffing Her Panties Video. Little one isn't so innocent as she looks like.
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Young girl peeing in her yellow panties. She's fingering her pussy through her wet panties.
Yup, you read right I took TJ to the park and he was playing with the little girl who was about I guess she peed on herself and started pulling her pants down because she was wet.
Watch Naughty Little Girl Caught Her Sister's BF While Sniffing Her Panties Video. Little one isn't so innocent as she looks like.
Young girl peeing in her panties

Little one isn't so innocent as she looks like.

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Forgot Username or Password? Not a free member yet? Here's what you're missing out on! Create a new Playlist. Please enter the required information. Sign in to add this to a playlist. Sign in to remove this from recommended. You are now leaving Pornhub. Go Back You are now leaving Pornhub. Shop Pornhub Store for bestselling shirts , caps and backpacks! Tiffany star my little panties Panties my little Step-daughter Pony x Human fun K views. Cumming in my panties and pull them up 9. And, when he'd fondled her bum, slipping his warm, rough hands under her panties, she'd almost cum!

His penis had felt big, as hard as concrete against her pussy and she'd wondered what it would look like. Would it look like the ones she saw on the Internet? On her side, watching Uncle Paul standing beside the bed, his gorgeous eyes staring at her, she'd felt sexy. She could see the desire in his eyes, his expression of wonder as he looked at her almost naked body. Uncle Paul really wanted her and, even better, she turned him on!

It was just like she'd dreamed. She watched, eyes riveted on his hands as he fumbled with the button of his jeans. Why was he teasing her? She watched him moving foot to foot, wondering what he was doing. When a sock went flying through the air she laughed. Take your jeans off, Uncle Paul. Her excitement built as he unzipped the front.

She saw white boxers in the gap. Then he shoved them down, bending at the waist and tugging them off his legs. Her breath caught when he straightened, his boxers tented out. It seemed long, a damp spot on white at the tip. It seemed to pulse slightly. Her attention was interrupted when he lay facing her on the bed. She stared at the tent, her pussy throbbing gently, wondering what it would be like to hold it, stroke it. It looked so big. Tentatively she reached out, her fingertip touching the tip.

It strained and moved. Uncle Paul's intake of breath made her look at his face. God, sexy, those eyes were so sexy. She squeezed her legs together, so horny now.

I was far too horny, very close to the edge. Like a virgin teenager, one touch might make me cum. It was too exciting to be on a bed with an almost naked preteen, my niece, my sexy niece. Contemplating having sex with her only heightened my dangerous condition. Rolling, I pushed her onto her back, leaned over her, and caressed her cheek with my thumb. I bent and kissed her sexy mouth softly.

I'd love to make love to you, Sam. Sam studied my face, her eyes flitting from one to the other of mine. She seemed to be assessing, probing. Her hand came up to touch my chest. I moaned, shivered, and my erection strained.

Bending, I kissed her gently, lips closed. I gathered her small body in my arms, bringing her warmth to me, pulling her close. I moaned again, eyes closing as her leg hooked over my thigh.

Her tongue tickled my lips, my erection poked her stomach. She wiggled, a small hand pulling at the waist of my boxers. I moaned again when a small, eleven year old hand burrowed down.

Small fingers fished around, found and stroked my erection, a little hand gently curled to hold my shaft. I could have cum. Reaching down I caressed a beautiful little bum, feeling sexy sheer white panties. Sam flexed her bum when I traced along her butt crack. I used fingertips to slip under the waistband and gently edge seductive little panties lower on her slender hip. Precum leaked when Sam gripped my shaft and lifted her bum to let me slide the other side of her panties down, her little tongue pressing into my mouth.

Taking a preteen's panties off was astoundingly erotic. It was even hotter with her small hand holding my erection. But I was too close. I knew I could not take too much of this type of stimulation. I'd dreamed of this for far too long. Breaking the kiss I rose, drawing her panties off her legs, my eyes riveted on the pad of her pussy mounding between closed thighs.

I studied the stunningly beautiful sight of a hairless mons and a young immature cleft. Bending, I kissed that mound, pressing my lips in, feeling it yield to me. A delicate scent assaulted me. It made me tremble. I knew what I was sensing; it was Sam's arousal, an eleven-year-olds arousal, and it was intensely exciting.

Sam's hands curled in my hair, tugging me. I glanced up at her face, her frown so damned cute. I want us to do it. I bent over her, kissing her gently, tugging my boxers off. I, too, was on edge, far too aroused. Perhaps she'd let me orally explore her later. I shuddered remembering it was only Saturday night, the whole of Sunday stretching before me.

She watched as I moved between her legs, her eyes flitting from my face to my erection to my face. I saw concern appear. I, myself, felt concern. My erection seemed impossibly large as it loomed over her small prepubescent pussy. It bobbed with need as I studied the sexy sight of her short cleft flowered open, long clitoral hood taking up almost half her slit, the nub of her protected clitoris at its tip.

I saw her arousal; the glisten of moisture in her cleft, plump labia reddened and flushed, the dark shadow of her urethra, and tiny vagina below still-developing inner labia. I saw the swell of her buttocks as they pressed against the bed, and her small, tightly closed anus.

Reaching down I cupped her sexy plump pussy. I loved how it filled and dominated her crotch. I loved how sexy it felt as it filled my hand. I loved holding Sam's pussy, touching a preteen sexually. With the utmost care I caressed the cowl protecting her clit with my thumb, gently, softly. Sam moaned quietly, her hips moving slightly as she pressed her pussy into my hand, an intensely exciting move.

I glanced at her sweet face. Her eyes had narrowed with pleasure, a frown appearing as eyebrows drew together. With my thumb I drew slippery arousal up through her sexy cleft, bringing it to her clit, caressing gently. Sam's hips moved again, encouraging, liking. I glided my thumb back down, feeling her urethra and, below, the tiny entrance to her vagina.

Carefully I rubbed, pressing gently as her opening yielded to my thumb. I touched her hymen. She moaned and jerked slightly in discomfort.

Bringing my other hand into play, I stimulated her clit gently and pressed against her vaginal opening. I felt her yield. I felt her hymen stretch, the hole in the centre expand. The sexiest girl I've ever seen," I whispered to distract her, even though she was. I heard her moan, her eyes staring at me, her hands now curling and gripping the sheet. Sam seemed to melt, her eyes glistening as if with unshed tears.

She didn't seem to notice how her tiny vagina was gripping my fingertip, her hymen melted away. I held my painful erection, my eyes locked on hers, smiling as I nudged the tip to her, that first touch thrilling. This was a dream. Sex with a preteen who wanted me was everything I'd ever wanted. And Sam was giving it to me. My heart ached for her. I pressed, her damp arousal mixing with my precum, sexy labia bulging then yielding reluctantly, stretching, slipping over my crown to hug in a sensual embrace.

I pressed, a tiny opening against my tip dilating slightly. It was impossibly small, excitingly small. I pressed, the excruciating excitement of finally having sex with a preteen, a gorgeous prepubescent girl, shaking me to my core. Just having my erection lodged at her immature pussy was thrilling.

Sam groaned, her fists gripping the sheet under her, her frown deepening. She squeaked and jerked and heaven descended. Sam's little vagina dilated and oozed over my crown. Her pussy stretched, labia stretched, accepting a massive intruder years before it was supposed to. My body shook at the feeling of the crown of my erection slipping slowly into the tightest place I'd ever felt. It was hard not to cum.

It was agony not to cum. It was so, so exciting to have my aching erection lodged in her eleven-year-old pussy. She was excruciatingly tight, hot, velvety, pulsing on me. I was in heaven, a dream realized, fucking a preteen. And then I noticed the tear slip from her closed eye. I saw her fists gripping the sheet hard.

I saw her body rigid and trembling. I did the single hardest thing I'd ever done. I pulled out, my crown popping out as if from a vacuum. I lay down next to her, gathering her in my arms.

We lay for several minutes saying nothing, just cuddled together. In my mind I was reliving the experience of having the head of my erection actually penetrating a little girl, held in the tightest, sexiest pussy I'd ever experienced.

Sam's pussy had felt like liquid velvet, surrounding my head in pure sensuality. If nothing more happened, I decided, I could live with that memory. Eventually I heard a deep sigh released from her. She stirred in my arms. Sam gave me an achingly gorgeous smile. It hurt a lot more than I thought," she said quietly. She hooked her leg over my thigh.

When she tried to roll on her back I stopped her. I found the entrance to her vagina surprisingly easily, the crown catching at her entrance. I was so damned horny my erection was a rigid pole. I needed no hands to keep it lodged against her. Instead, I reached around to cup her sweet bottom. This time I was going to let her take the initiative.

Sam's eyes studied me. She smiled and I felt her test, her buttocks clenching, pressure against the tip of my erection. I smiled in reassurance. She smiled again and pressed, buttocks clenching in my hand again. I was treated to a rare pleasure.

I was treated to Sam slowly working herself onto my erection. It was agony not to thrust. It was agony to feel her sexy pussy stretch slowly, slip down, wrapping my crown in heat and silken slippery moisture. It was beautiful agony to feel her labia stretch and hug me. It was perfect when her pussy popped over me and once again I was held in the tight embrace of a preteen pussy.

She smiled proudly and her eyes seemed to lose focus. I realised what she was doing, my erection swelling as she carefully tried to work herself down, moving her pussy back and forth in little humping, little fucking motions.

At first she made no progress, none. It felt like I was stuck inside her at her entrance, glued in place, my erection pulsing and throbbing. But suddenly, as if lubrication spread, she slipped down smoothly, her incredible pussy gradually surrounding my aching erection, gripping me tightly, moist heat absorbing me.

I shuddered as Sam groaned, her leg tugging as she pressed down ever deeper and deeper, her vaginal opening snug around my shaft. She'd have to stop, I thought as four then five inches were held in paradise. And, as she nestled her hairless mons into my groin, my shaft completely buried in an eleven-year-old, I felt my erection swell, making her even tighter if that were possible.

She moaned and clenched, sweet agony storming me. I couldn't stop myself. Fucking my preteen niece was too much. Holding her sexy bum with one hand, the other arm wrapped around her, I pulled out slowly, her internal walls holding onto my cock as if not wanting to release it. When my crown neared her entrance, I reversed, sliding home with exquisite pleasure, deep into her tight pussy, sighing when the tip nudged her deepest part.

Sam groaned and clutched at me, her leg over my thigh holding tight. Her little bum flexed as she tried to pull off. I helped, and suddenly we were fucking. Suddenly I was fucking an eleven year old goddess, suddenly I was living a dream. We humped at each other, long strokes, deep strokes, exquisite slow strokes, pleasure suffusing me.

With little grunts and sighs Sam fucked me. With grunts of intense pleasure and desire I fucked Sam, stroking into her tight, tight pussy. I held my little darling and fucked her, pleasure blossoming. Finally, finally I was realising a dream, a dream of sex with a little girl.

And it was far, far better than I'd ever imagined. She was far, far tighter than I'd imagined. Sex with Sam was unlike anything else. And it was far too quick for me. I had no control as I fucked her delicate little body. I had no control as I felt her sweet little buttocks flex with growing urgency as she fucked me back. I had no control as she sweetly grunted, "Uh, yes, good. And, when she announced her climax with loud grunts, "Uh! I held her sexy little body tight, thrust hard, and roared out my climax, semen burning up painfully.

Pleasure exploded inside as cum rocketed out into her. I humped, and fucked again, exquisite pleasure storming my body as a massive load of cum blasted into her little pussy. I fucked and came, fucked and came, holding her little bottom, hugging her sexy little body, feeling her jerk in her climax.

I fucked my little darling. I came hard, came blissfully into Sam, tears peppering my eyes as I climaxed, my orgasm intense, cumming so hard, cumming so hard. Awareness returned at the feel of small hands toying with a limp penis. I opened my eyes to see Sam's head resting on my chest, facing down towards my groin.

Soft gentle hands moved my penis, lifting it, letting it down, hands sliding down to feel my balls. I let her explore without letting her know I was awake. Her touch was so gentle. Then I remembered how intensely I'd climaxed, how heavenly it had been to spurt deep into her pussy, how amazing it had felt to have a preteen pussy gripping my erection.

I remembered I'd fucked a little girl, experienced a dream. Blood stirred and flowed. A small hand played. Reaching down I caressed Sam's sexy naked bum. She moved, her face turning to peer at me, a grin on her cute face. I grinned at her confusion and stretched my hand out to her. Making an early dinner naked, with a naked preteen, one you'd just had sex with, and knowing your semen was still inside her little pussy, was an amazingly sexual experience.

It didn't help that Ralph kept trying to sniff her crotch, Sam giggling and pushing him away. We distracted him with food. I loved being able to grab Sam, lift her into my arms and kiss her. I loved how she smiled with pride and delight. I loved fondling her sexy bum and caressing her slippery pussy. When she returned, blushing, I noticed she'd dried herself. I played friskily with her, staring rudely at her sexy naked body. I told her endlessly how sexy she was, because she was.

I loved her blushes at my compliments, her shy giggles, and how, naked, she was a sweetly sexy girl, much of the rambunctiousness gone with her clothes. I loved how she glowed from my attention and compliments. Sam was achingly beautiful. She was achingly sweet and desirable. I saw puppy love in her eyes and it shook me it was so attractive.

It didn't surprise me in the least when another erection formed. Then again, as we sat on the couch eating, her wandering left hand might have had something to do with it. Or it might have been her giggles when she found my cock and pasta made a rude exit from my mouth at her squeeze. When she did it again despite my warning, Ralph suddenly had a veritable feast. Two plates hit the floor, the TV was ignored and I kissed and tickled a writhing ball of naked giggling sexiness.

And somehow she calmed. Somehow we kissed, somehow we cuddled, nuzzled and murmured. A picture flitted through my mind. Well, yes, that would be interesting, I thought, my cock flexing. Picking Sam up, I turned her, putting her on her knees. I bent and whispered "Watch TV. She looked spectacular kneeling, bent over the coffee table facing the TV. She may not have actually been watching, but I couldn't see her face. My focus was on a spectacular rump.

She was slippery and snug, my semen still inside her. She was hot, still tight, and exquisitely exciting. Her little bum looked spectacular as she bent on the coffee table. I loved having her legs between my knees and seeing her sweet little buttocks swelling around my erection as I gently penetrated her, fucking her slowly from behind. It was so arousing to see my large cock slipping in and out of a petite little girl. I fucked her a little harder, driving my erection deep, pressing gently into her deepest part.

I withdrew from her exquisite pussy, the rim of my crown oozing out of her, reversed and thrust, pleasure making my erection strain, so tight, she was so tight. God, I was fucking a preteen again, my preteen, my little lover. I felt the seductive fog of need descend; a need to rut, a need to cum. Holding Sam's small waist, I fucked her gently but firmly, her petite body jerking.

She gasped and squeezed her bum, indents forming, fuck, so tight! We fucked gently, firm thrusts, sighs filling the room. Sam started pressing her bum back at me, her grunts becoming more vocal, louder. Our pace increased, fucking Sam, fucking, so tight. My climax neared with balls feeling heavy, pressure building in my head and groin. I fucked her sexy young pussy, sliding in, slipping out, sliding in, so tight.

I fucked harder, need now close, building, building, the sight of her eleven year old body bent over the coffee table exciting me more. I watched my thick erection sliding out, shoving in, glistening, pressure, pressure. It slammed into me, a sudden release, a dam bursting. My cock swelled, ached, semen burning up to jet into her. Sam cried out, her sweet pussy clamping down.

I withdrew and fucked in again, lodging deep, erection swelling, glory, glory, semen spurting in an intense burst of pleasure. Sam cried out again. I fucked Sam with short strokes, holding her small body tight, thrusting, spurting, pleasure bursting. I came hard, found heaven. I came in my beautiful, sexy niece, thrusting and spurting until, covered in perspiration, I died, her sexy pussy clamping rhythmically with her fading orgasm, milking the last of my pleasure.

I collapsed over her, drained, the happiest man in the world. That night I taught Sam the delights of oral sex, eating her spectacular pussy, thrilled at the intensity of her climax.

It was the first time she experienced multiple orgasms. It was also the first time she passed out from them, and probably from an exhausting day as well. That night I held Sam cuddled to my side, not disappointed with having a mild erection in the slightest. Sam had been more than a dream.

Sam had been perfect, the perfect little lover, my perfect preteen lover. As sleep slowly drifted in, I thought about tomorrow, all day Sunday with Sam.

What might she like to learn? What other dreams might I realise with her? Oh, and what other panties had she bought? Smiling to myself, I wondered how much it would cost to send my sister, Michael and Kate to the Grand Canyon for a week. The greatest gift you can give me is to let me know you have read my story and what you thought of it.

So please take a moment and make my day. Email me at renpeterotica gmail. This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under the legal age of consent. This story is copyright protected. Reposting on other sites for commercial or non-commercial purposes without specific written consent from the author is strictly prohibited. Of Dreams and Panties and Little Girls.

You want one or not? I'll come get it. It was the stupidest thing I've ever done. You sure Sam's okay with this? When are Kate and Michael getting home? Why don't you start the bar-b-que? It was all good. Besides, I loved dogs. She scrambled out of my lap. Good," she exclaimed, snuggling into my side. You shouldn't be drinking alcohol. Your mom would kill you. And then it got better. And then it got even better.

And then, impossibly, it got even better. And then it got better! Quite a lot, actually. They're little girl panties. I just told you," she responded. That's all that's left," she advised. Did you see them?

And then, well, and then the view became spectacular. I believe the groan that echoed across the yard was mine, a deep aching groan. I was going to do so much of nothing. Sam had other ideas. Her head rose, eyes studying me.

Sam could kiss better than any female I'd ever kissed, by far. Her tongue became forceful. I mean, you want me to? Sam broke my hypnotic stare by shrugging off the blouse. Wha'cha want to do? I sucked gently, drowning in the experience of it.

Have sex," she responded. I was happy to see her eyes clear. I kissed her gently. I can't tell you how good you feel. She glanced at the bedside clock. Damn she was gorgeous! What a stupid question. Her beautiful eyes were intense when she glanced over her shoulder. If you want a response, please enter your email Optional Story name Please give me your thoughts. I've Never Done That Before Do you want to see my cute new panties.

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THERE'S NOTHING SEXIER THAN sheer little panties on a young girl. The way they cosset small pussies and pretend to protect modesty yet let you see the full glorious shape of an immature hairless mound underneath is really quite stunning. Little Girl In Her Panties. Girl Pants Underwear Little Lost. 2 years ago. lol im bored and yayim a pre teem. 7 years ago. underwear dancers. they like destinys child. 3 years ago. Little girl showing off her dance moves.. Three year old shows off her dance moves at the pool. 1 year ago. Watch Naughty Little Girl Caught Her Sister's BF While Sniffing Her Panties Video. Little one isn't so innocent as she looks like.